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Our Security Policy

We take the security of our clients' data very seriously. Keeping that in mind, our infrastructure and technology have stringent protocols to ensure that our client's data is always secure and safe.

Ensuring security at the workstation & network

1. Our workstations are only accessible through specified personnel as restricted by PC locking & windows login.

2. No employee, irrespective of their seniority, can fix any external device to the specified workstation.

3. Our workstations are installed with Anti-virus & firewall protection.

4. Our workstation provides limited access to the internet, such as client emails.

5. Access to source documents are only offered to authorized employees, wherein the workstations are fixed with segmented LAN equipped with firewall protection.

6. Our trackers keep a close eye on our employees' workstations, wherein a screenshot of the employees' PCs every 15 minutes ensures strict monitoring.

Ensuring security within the premises

1. Only personnel with secure access cards can enter our premises, ensuring that no data leakage from that end.

2. Our premise is under CCTV surveillance to ensure consistent monitoring.

3. Our security staff also maintains safety within the facility.

Ensuring credibility of our employees

1. We do a thorough background check before hiring any employee wherein they are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to not reveal our clients' details.

2. Dissemination of the client's information only happens with specified people directly involved with the project.

3. Our workstations are installed with trackers to ensure no data breaches.

Our Features

Why choose us as your trusted outsourcing partner

Catapult the growth of your Accounting firm with an expert team assisting you with your operations,
but at a price much lower than the cost of hiring new employees.

More focus on growth

Catapult the growth of your Accounting firm with an expert team assisting you with your operations, but at a price much lower than the cost of hiring new employees.

No hassle of hiring

We enable you to avoid the hassle and costs associated with hiring by working as your extended team. We empower your firm to grow without bearing the expenses of expanding the team if you don't want to.


Keeping your financial data safe is very important to us. Our strict policies and measures ensure that the records you share with us remain secure at all points.

Dedicated support system

We cater to all your queries & concerns timely through continued communication & promptly address the work revisions suggested by you.

Operational flexibility

You don't have to go through the tedious hiring process, while also having the comfort of customizing the specific services as per your reduced or increased workload.

Assured quality of work

We ensure that our services meet high standards while maintaining high accuracy and timelines.

Personalized attention

We allocate a dedicated account manager to our clients for smooth communication and timely response to their work requirements and queries.

Supporting your growth

Address your requirements for increased staff & resources as your business grows with our expert team, who ensure the best customer experience for your clients.

Higher profit margins & improved growth capabilities await you with our support. Request your Quote

Perks of outsourcing to India

Vast talent pool
Significant cost savings
Consistent quality of work
Advanced Infrastructure
Latest Technology

Looking to grow your Accounting practice in a cost-efficient manner?